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Understanding the cultural currents and commercial events influencing the globe in 2019 requires knowledge of how technology is progressing. If you’ve been paying attention to the tech industry, you’ll notice that social networks have enabled political revolutions, that brand new companies can acquire millions of customers in months, and that the world’s most valuable company built its fortune on products that didn’t exist five years ago.

Swixhq.com is the best place to keep up with these updates. Swixhq.com has become the technology news site of record for people both inside and outside the sector by delivering a summary of the day’s essential reports and analysis on a single page.

Swixhq.com achieves this in the only way it can: by linking to stories from all across the internet. The only efficient way to provide a full view is to highlight the works of reporters, analysts, and industry actors from throughout the media and industrial landscape. We save readers the onerous effort of monitoring a plethora of news sources, tweets, and status updates by doing this well.