Cheap LCD Monitors for your Computer

With the influx of flat panel computer monitors arriving on the market there are now plenty of cheap LCD monitors available. They are priced so low that CRT monitors are no longer an option to consider for new PC owners.

Cheap computer monitors are of course cost effective, but the flat panel models are also very stylish and fit in nearly all workplaces. Some are even wall-mountable which can really help keep your desk clear for work.

When LCD computer monitors first arrived on the market they were far more attractive than traditional CRT monitors, but the price was significantly higher. However, with ever-improving technology and the release of more models, the prices have reduced by more than 50 percent over the past 5 years. Even cheap LCD monitors are ultra-slim, stylish, and provide high-quality full color displays.

One thing you should be aware of before purchasing is the size of computer monitors. CRT and LCD computer monitors are measured differently, so a 17-inch LCD display is more like a 19-inch CRT display for example. Before purchasing an LCD monitor you should also check for dead pixels. These are bright or dark dots that appear on the screen. In fact if you do not mind a dead pixel or two then you may be able to buy a discount LCD monitor, as some suppliers will still sell them at a drop-down price.

Some technology experts even suggest that producing widescreen LCD monitors is cheaper for manufacturers to produce. For this reason you may be find some really stylish widescreen computer monitors for around the same price as a regular, slightly smaller flat panel.

Another way that you can save some money is by searching for refurbished LCD monitors. If you can find one that has been well repaired, you could end up with a high-quality computer monitor for a fraction of its original price.

The LCD monitor market is exploding with growth expected to carry on growing over the coming years. The reasons are obvious to anyone that has an LCD computer monitor – stylish designs, great images and color range, and very slim. CRT monitors are a thing of the past and are rapidly being abandoned for LCD computer monitors.

When comparing LCD monitors pay attention to dot pitch, resolution, and refresh rate. The dot pitch is the distance between pixels on the screen, the resolution is the number of pixels in a certain area of the screen, and refresh rate is how quickly the screen image is refreshed.

Whereas you may prefer to view several flat screen computer monitors in person, I’d highly recommend buying online. Many internet computer retailers can out-price offline stores and it is easy to compare prices to find cheap LCD monitors.

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