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How to Use Instagram Stories, Reels, and Live to Boost Your Follower Count

Are you looking for ways to increase your follower count on Instagram? If so, then using Instagram’s Stories, Reels, and Live features is the way to go. Not only are these tools incredibly easy-to-use but they also have the potential of quickly skyrocketing your user base. This article will discuss how you can use each of these features to boost your follower count.

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Post Quality Content on Your Feed

The first step in increasing your follower count is by posting quality content on your feed. This means creating visually appealing posts that aren’t overly promotional and engaging captions that encourage people to interact with them. You should also add relevant hashtags as this will make it easier for others to find your post via search engine optimization (SEO). By consistently posting great content, it’ll be much easier for new users to discover your account and follow you when they stumble upon it organically.

Incorporate Instagram Stories Into Your Strategy

Instagram Stories are one of the most powerful tools available for boosting follower counts because they help create a better connection between brands/influencers and their audience. When creating stories try to keep them fun and informative by mixing up text posts with videos or photos that give viewers an insight into what’s going on behind the scenes in real-time – this helps build trust amongst followers who feel like they’re getting a personal experience from interacting with an account holder rather than just seeing generic marketing messages all day long. To ensure maximum reach potential also remember to incorporate polls into some stories which will encourage participation even further – don’t forget to tag friends in any posts related to collaborations or events as well!

Make Use Of Reels For Creative Expression And Interaction

Reels are another great way of showing off creative flair while allowing users to quickly interact with each other over short videos or pictures posted within 15 seconds; this feature also allows creators access to special editing effects such as music tracks which make creating entertaining content easier than ever before! When making reels be sure not to include any offensive language or imagery as this could damage the reputation of your profile – focus instead on themes related directly back towards what type of business/influence accounts yours is (e.g.: travel bloggers may want to share snippets from their trips around the world etc) as this ties everything together nicely whilst encouraging potential followers who have similar interests!

Go Live More Often To Connect With Fans

Live streaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many larger brands using live sessions as a way to connect authentically with fans – so why not get on board? Going live on a regular basis gives viewers the chance to get exclusive insights into product launches or events taking place – and it encourages audience participation, which builds relationships between you and those who follow, leading to more regular engagement in the future! Make sure there’s always something interesting being discussed when you go live though, otherwise, viewers will lose interest quickly, so plan ahead whenever possible!

Advertise on other platforms for maximum exposure

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of advertising when trying to increase visibility and ultimately gain more followers! Just as buying quality Instagram followers from Social Zinger can really provide a big boost – advertising on other social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter can be equally beneficial, depending on budget constraints, etc… However, always ensure that any messaging used as part of promotional efforts links back directly via URLs either pointing to individual profile pages on IG itself OR landing pages created specifically for campaigns running elsewhere – regardless, cross-platform connectivity is key here to effectively maximize reach!


It goes without saying that having more followers brings huge benefits in terms of brand recognition & overall influence within industry-specific circles – however, achieving sustainable growth takes time & dedication, no matter how good the initial ideas may seem at first! By utilizing various features available through Instagram, such as Stories, Reels & Live, alongside smart strategies such as buying quality Insta followers at Social Zinger & advertising across multiple channels – anyone hoping to get more eyes focused in their direction should be able to successfully reach the desired levels soon enough, hopefully allowing businesses (or individuals) to achieve their goals faster than expected!

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