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Your invitation to join the Offshore & Privacy Club

For many decades, government bureaucrats have been trying to vigorously powerful knowledge that can liberate and free individuals money and minds. And for a very good reason: They simply do not want their most productive citizens to be able to liberate themselves from their government controlled monopolies! Times have changed. How about you? Thanks to the Internet, everyone who can secure the required can now leave the fraud-based world of parasitic bureaucrats behind – and do business in a where it pays again to perform and to achieve. There’s just one slight problem: “Offshore”, things are changing at the speed of light. What you know for a fact today . Some countries that are still widely known as “offshore havens”, are secretly controlled by Big Brother – and force their banks to to foreign agencies.

Without the clients’ knowledge of course! And this is just one example. As you can imagine, becoming – and remaining – an offshore and privacy expert is indeed. At least until now – thanks to the Offshore & Privacy Club! Uninformed people have no choice but to go to the .

That’s where they waste tens of thousands of dollars, and possibly the best and most productive years of their lives, in order to obtain the exact same knowledge they could learn within less than two hours … if they only chose to listen! You, to the contrary, are in a privileged position. You can gain to all the offshore and privacy secrets you’ll ever need to know. Our seasoned offshore experts have compiled these secrets in five powerful online manuals:

The Offshore Banking Manual, the Online Privacy Manual, the Offshore Escape Manual, the Offshore Residency Manual, and the Offshore Action Manual. Why five manuals? It’s simple: Offshore banking and online privacy go hand in hand. It would be hazardous to open a secret offshore bank account (as you’ll learn in the Offshore Banking Manual) – and then let cybersnoops and government agents hack into your account and monitor your online communications! Hazards that can be avoided by employing some basic privacy precautions.

Don’t get me wrong. You probably want to become a … and thanks to the Online Privacy Manual you don’t have to! Our experts explain these powerful privacy strategies in and easy-to-understand tutorials. Once you are operating in “stealth mode” from a privacy standpoint and have your offshore bank accounts in place and growing you will then by ready to take it to the next level. As you begin to view the world as your oyster, you will not be able to help exploring the benefits of “voting with your feet” and seeking alternate residency.

The Offshore Escape Manual, the Offshore Residency Manual, and the Offshore Action Manual can make it all a reality! And all for much less than you may think… You will have priviledged access to the included in these manuals. You will also benefit throughout the year as they are updated to reflect the “realities” of the changing world! Here is short overview of some the information you will have ongoing access to as a Offshore & Privacy Club Member…

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