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Privacy-Online • Tension Mounts on South Africa’s Cybersecurity Law

On the 8th February 2016 Bloomberg BNA published an article entitled “Tension Mounts on South Africa’s Cybersecurity Law”. The article presents a good summary of both domestic and the international views on the proposed legislation and government’s role in terms of the National Cybersecurity Policy Framework. It also highlights a number of concerns contained in […]

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Educational interactive voting system from Wedgwood AV Ltd

Qwizdom voting systems for schools and colleges, save hours of teacher time marking work, give instant assessment as to how pupils are performing and, with attendance registration, helps with truancy, as pupils attendance can be monitored in every class at every lesson, with instant feedback assessment reports. Imagine, as a teacher, you are able to […]

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Small Business Tools

Do you know what is fair? Are you underpaying or overpaying your employees? Find out how your compensation packages stack up at Business Week Online. PC Velocity – New and used hardware and software. Having trouble collecting a debt? Contact Prestige Services Inc. for nationwide debt collection, skip tracing and credit reporting services. gives you […]

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Get the Best gifts for men today

It is not easy to shop for Christmas gifts for men. In fact, it’s a nightmare! Most of the time, they don’t even want the same things as women. If you’re looking for ideas on what to buy your loved ones this year then you have come to the right place.

Here are five gift ideas that every man will love. They can be used as single gifts or in groups. These gifts are sure to impress him with their quality and uniqueness as well.

1. The Ultimate Men’s Watch

This is the ultimate men’s watch that has everything you need. It comes in a box and looks like a real watch. When you open it up, you see the beautiful works of art inside. You would have to choose between a silver dial or a black one. It also includes a leather strap which fits perfectly on his wrist.

The price tag is $500 USD, but trust us when we say that it will last a lifetime. He’ll wear this watch every day and never take it off. It’s the perfect gift for any man who loves watches.

If you want an affordable version of this watch, go for the watchbox. You get all of the above at a much cheaper price.

2. A Set of Fine Whiskey Stones

Men who enjoy drinking whiskey or scotch usually have lots of glassware lying around. They probably have old wine glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, etc. You could give them a set of whiskey stones as a unique present. They look like rocks, but they actually contain liquid. You can put them in hot water to make the drink colder or add ice if you want it warmer.

You can pick from different sizes (1oz/3 ml, 2oz/5 ml, 4oz/10ml) depending on how big his whiskey glasses are.

3. An Elegant Leather Wallet

Men love to keep their wallets safe and secure. But most wallets don’t look good and don’t hold up very long. So, why not give him something elegant? This wallet is made out of genuine leather and contains a lot of compartments. It’s a great way to organize his cards and other important items.

This wallet is a wonderful addition to his collection of stylish accessories.

4. Customized T-Shirts

You know how some men hate buying T-shirts because they think they’re boring and plain? Well, you can change that by giving him customized t-shirts that he won’t ever forget. All you do is fill out a form and print out the design online. There are endless customization options available. You can add custom text, logos, pictures, etc. It’s a great idea for corporate events, birthdays, or just because you care about someone.

5. An Awesome Pair of Sunglasses

Men usually don’t like wearing sunglasses unless it’s because they’re working outside or playing sports. But there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to wear trendy shades as often as they want. And if they do, they’re going to buy them for themselves anyway.

So, instead of giving them a pair of sunglasses that they might not use, give them something that they will use everyday. We recommend getting prescription sunglasses that have interchangeable lenses. That way, he can adjust the lens according to the light conditions and still look fashionable. You can buy these at places like,, and

These gifts aren’t expensive, so they’re a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much money this holiday season.

Gifts for men are a little bit tricky when you don’t know what they want. Instead of having to guess, buy them something that they really want. Don’t give them something they don’t like—it will only cause conflict and resentment. Give them something that they’ll always remember and appreciate.


The next- generation imaging device that is taking the world by storm, the plasma display brings high brightness and high contrast to the big screen display.

Extended Warranty –

This Hitachi 50″ plasma display comes with a two year Hitachi manufacturers’ warranty.

The New CMP5000WXU includes the following features: From boardrooms to HDTV home theaters, the CMP5000WXU’s slim, lightweight design makes it the perfect alternative to dedicated projection systems. Easy to install on a wall or ceiling for easy viewing from anywhere in the room, the CMP5000WXU delivers a wide, crystal-clear picture that’s guaranteed to attract the attention you want.

High-Definition Wide 16:9 screen –

At 1,280 x 768 pixels the CMP5000WXU is compatible with video data sources from PC’s. With the Optional Video Board (PDA-5002) the CMP5000WXU comes alive and produces stunning video images from sources such as DVD’s, Satellite Receivers, and HDTV receivers. The CMP5000WXU display is the ideal display solution for any corporate and home theater application from trade shows, exhibits and presentations to HDTV viewing.

Slim, space-saving design (Depth: only 3.84″) – One of the most attractive features of the display is its extraordinary slim design. Featuring a large 50-inch screen, this ultra-thin, lightweight display measures a mere 3.84″ from front to back and weighs only 85.8 lbs. So you can hang it on the wall or suspend it from the ceiling and enjoy the excitement of big-screen viewing even in rooms where a bulky display could never fit.

Multiscanning capability assures compatibility with a variety of computer systems – Ready for use with a wide range of personal computers, the CMP5000WXU can display images in VGA, S-VGA, XGA, SXGA or UXGA resolution and is compatible with a wide range of different computer scanning frequencies. The accompanying table shown below lists compatible frequencies, signals, and resolutions.

Wider 160° viewing angle assures clear images from any viewing position – With its totally flat screen, the plasma display produces no distortion at corners and edges, so the picture is as clear and easy to see from viewing angles as wide as 160° in both horizontal and vertical directions. Since the picture can be seen clearly from up, down, left, or right, the CMP5000WXU’s is ideal for conferences, presentations, or home theaters.

Specifications Digital RGB signal (in compliance with DVI)(Not compatible with copy protection (HDCP).

VESA DDC 2B RS-232C external control interface and combination terminals allow central control of multiple units.

If you are looking for a particular accessory that is not listed on our website, please call us at 888-478-6161 and our plasma specialists will be happy to assist you. We sell a complete line of plasma display accessories including cables, shipping cases and various mounting solutions.

Usually ships the same business day. shipping on all Plasma Displays! We use shipping companies that are familiar with the special handling requirements of Plasma Displays. We take special care to insure that your Plasma Display arrives quickly and in perfect condition. Our Plasma Display Specialists will send you an email that contains the complete tracking information for your shipment. This email includes the shipper’s telephone number, your shipment tracking number, and any other necessary tracking information. For your convenience, our shippers will be glad to set up a delivery appointment. Most customers receive their displays within 2-3 business days.

Educational interactive voting system from Wedgwood AV Ltd

Qwizdom voting systems for schools and colleges, save hours of teacher time marking work, give instant assessment as to how pupils are performing and, with attendance registration, helps with truancy, as pupils attendance can be monitored in every class at every lesson, with instant feedback assessment reports.

Imagine, as a teacher, you are able to display a set of National Curriculum questions on a projector screen, large plasma screen, monitor display or interactive whiteboard, and let your pupils have the fun of answering them in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” quiz show style. With an interactive voting system, each pupil can have their own handheld voting device so they can simply answer the questions from a multiple choice of answers. This encourages even the most shy pupil to “have a go” and join in a class interactivity lesson.

Truancy is a big problem in some schools, with pupils getting an attendance mark and then bunking-off lessons. With Qwizdom you can take class attendance in every classroom, at every lesson. The system then instantly reports on numbers and percentages of pupils in lessons and instant reports can be presented to school heads, school governors and LEAs, with accurate figures.

Curriculum questions Another big advantage, is that more educational book suppliers are providing their curriculum questions in digital format, which can be imported into the voting system, thus saving time. Also, lessons are not only interactive, but save the teachers hours and hours of marking and assessing, leaving more time for quality teaching.

Pictures show, from left to right, Qwizdom Q5 RF handset, a template multiple choice question, racing car game which shows which pupil got the question right first, a Qwizdom Q3 handset IR ideal for schools, pupil participating in a classroom quiz, Qwizdom Q4 RF handset.

Qwizdom interactive voting systems bring interactivity to the classroom and university lecture halls, in a fun and education way. The teacher or lecturer, using their teacher remote, asks the class questions which take the form of quizzes, quick tests to check understanding, mock exam questions, multiple choice questions, yes or no, true or false. Answers are given on individual handsets. Scoring and instant assessment is available, which can be shown on the screen in a fun way, such as a car track, making learning fun for younger pupils.

At any stage you can obtain instant feedback or change focus to review areas. The system frees teachers from time-consuming marking leaving them more time to spend explaining those areas where pupils scored incorrect answers, or if marking is normally done in free periods, leaving this time to be spent on lesson preparation.

Qwizdom system, includes a teacher remote, individual handsets, receiver, USB cable and carry case. Each infra-red handset connects wirelessly to a central voting system (one manufacturer’s system looks a little like a flying saucer – second picture from the left), where it instantly marks and analyses the answers. The central voting system is connected to your PC, which in turn is connected to your projector, interactive whiteboard, monitor or plasma display screen.

Qwizdom interative voting systems are available in 3 formats: Q3 is designed for teachers, with 1 to 255 infrared handsets being available in multiples of 4. The ideal group size is 1 to 100. Q4 and Q5 are radio frequency handsets with 1 to 1000+ users allowed to participate. The only difference between Q4 and Q5 is that the latter allows text via a rocker switch, but these two systems are interchangeable, so you could have 8 Q5 handsets for small special needs group and 24 Q4 handsets, for the rest of a class of 32 students.

Prices below are educational prices for schools, colleges and universities. For non-educational prices please click here.

UK delivery is charged at £20 + VAT per order on interactive voting systems and AV accessories.

How to order from Wedgwood

Payment options: bank transfer, cheque, debit card, credit card, 14 and 30 day credit accounts (see below).

No credit card surcharges.

Wedgwood only deliver to the UK mainland. To place an order then please fax your official purchase order to 0800 018 9968 (or 01754 768036), including your purchase order number, invoice/delivery address, goods, delivery charge, total including VAT and method of payment. We are unable to take telephone orders, but you can order online with our shopping cart.

If you are an educational establishment, government establishment, large registered charity or blue chip company and wish to pay by 14 or 30 day account please fax your official purchase order.

Please do not book installation of equipment before goods have arrived and have been fully tested. We accept no liability for installation or other cost occurred in the case of late delivery. Courier delays, manufacturer supply problems, etc, are beyond our responsible control.

Small Business Tools

Do you know what is fair? Are you underpaying or overpaying your employees? Find out how your compensation packages stack up at Business Week Online.

PC Velocity – New and used hardware and software.

Having trouble collecting a debt? Contact Prestige Services Inc. for nationwide debt collection, skip tracing and credit reporting services. gives you startup information and tips on running your business. seems to be getting serious about getting your business, they now have a website geared toward starting and running your small business.

Their website is full of useful information and gives you tips on writing your business plan, getting loans from the SBA and offer advice on hiring and managing staff. This website also offers an interactive hiring tool that helps you develop a job description and gives you sample questions to ask during an interview. While we all know that their main goal is to get you to sign up for a credit card this website offers more useful information and tools than most of the other websites listed on this page.

Has a good outline on writing your business plan and has several examples posted on their website. They also offer online e-courses including marketing fundamentals, sales strategies and customer service among others.

Webmaster Tool Collection –

Features software tool and resources for the webmaster.

Learn strategies on link building and improve your websites visibility from the master. Eric Ward. provides extensive links to scripts and other website tools.

offers free quotes for web design work. Database has 1500+ web design companies registered Ready to bid on your project. –

Directory of free web tools and resources including free web hosting, free web site promotion resources, web design tools and tutorials, free web templates, free domain name tools and more. is a provider of affordable website design services. Other services they have are ecommerce solutions and custom graphic design. VPsource also is a great source of links to webmaster tools.

Web Master Yellow Pages has links to webmaster services, tools and templates.

Register Domain Names – Cheap domain name registration from $5.75. Provider of low-cost website building and hosting, web site promotion, and email hosting services.

Administaff provides human resource to small and medium-sized businesses.

Office Finder provides information and referrals for office space. Also has an office space calculator and tips on leasing and much more. gives you the information you need to send out your press releases. gives you an easy alternative to sending out your press release, best of all it is free.

This website, the former home of the American Association of Home Based Businesses, has articles advice and daily radio/internet show geared to small and home based businesses. Extensive archives of past shows allow you to find an listen to the subjects you would like to hear about. Best of all its free. The website also contains many business articles.

Find out what you need to know before you start your business and find financing for your venture at the Small Business Administration.

has some great advice, tips, tools and how to guides for starting, maintaining and growing your business. Their website also give you advice on getting money for your business. You have to become a member of their website to use many of the tools but membership is free.

Offers templates for brochures, presentations, direct marketing, business cards, calendars, memos, shipping and letterhead. They also have 11 templates for your HR department and a small human resources guide. You can find this and a little more under the “Use & Learn” section on the page the above link opens. The “How-to-guides” has some useful information under the “General business” section at the bottom of the page.

Sells business forms and they also have good advice for your small business from starting your business to HR issues.

Well its about time.

Simple straight forward advice for the person just starting their first business or the seasoned professional entrepreneur and from the government no less. from the SBA has has many of the things you need to get started and includes laws, hiring a lawyer, managing employees, a discussion forum, wizards and forms.

Has pioneered support for micro-businesses and the self-employed, while helping to define this important part of the American economy.

Specifically chartered to bring together independent consultants and those seeking their consulting, speaking, writing, coaching and teaching skills.

(main website) has a website targeted to small businesses (small business issues) unfortunately we noticed that the cost to join seemed pretty steep for many startups on a shoestring budget. However they do have a lot of useful information even if you don’t join. This site has articles about small business issues, a small business toolkit and links to your local government officials. Overall we rank this site as one of the best for useful information and we did not see the members only areas. To join and have access to the members area we were given a quote of $300.00 for dues provides management training and seminars along with a members only website.

The primary goal of the Center is to be the focal point for efforts to stimulate and support private and public entrepreneurship development in communities throughout Rural America gives you an easy way to find businesses to link to and get links from. –

Internet Business Solutions! Tools And Resources For Starting And Marketing Your Profitable Online Business!

Design And Create caters to a very tight focus group of users who are interested in and often working in the field of the World Wide Web, creating HTML pages both for professional and personal use, and using scripts and graphics to enhance their pages. Design And Create offers just about everything you need to get your site up and running.

Call Center Guide –

Source for call center products and services, including predictive dialers, ACD and PBX providers, call center software, recording and monitoring solutions, workforce management software, call center lists, training and consulting, inbound and outbound call centers, phone headsets, outsourcing resources and call center jobs.

Find free tools and software for your business at

Page Rank Checker is a completely free tool to check the Page Rank value of your web site easily and possibly display your web site’s page rank right on your web pages. has various tools to build your website.

Web Directory and Search engine for Directory for Real Estate, Apartments, Land and Buildings. Offers basic and express submission. Let us improve your image. Free Color Printers for Business, school, Charity or Non-Profits. Simple program, easy to apply.

All company names used on this page are owned and or copyrighted by their respective owners and are in not affiliated with Global Web Monitor. Please read our Terms of Use Policy before clicking any of the links above. Clicking on any of the links above constitutes your acceptance of our Terms of Use Policy. Global Web Monitor does not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained on any of the links above and we do not warrant the usefulness of any information obtained from them. Use any information obtained at your own risk. If you find a link that is no longer working please email our Webmaster.

Samsung Electronics: USA Monitors – TFT Series

This 15 inch LCD monitor has the features of a great monitor with multimedia speakers, built-in power brick and portrait/landscape viewing. It’s flicker-free too. The SyncMaster 151S brings an elegant slim design to your desktop with a built-in power brick. This monitor is touch-installable and a pivot stand is available. The SyncMaster 570b TFT is the ideal display for all business and professional applications. Its slim design fits on any desktop computer and it is wall-mountable to save additional space. The new “EDA” (Easy Display Adjustment) panel lets users control all display functions at a touch of a button.

Now it’s easy to get to the far corners of your imagination. To tap into the power of your workstation like never before. With the new SyncMaster 570s high-end flat panel monitor from Samsung, you’ll see the difference between ideas that look average, and ones that are brilliant.

Samsung’s SyncMaster 570v TFT is the most affordable display solution for business and home users who want all the space-saving benefits of a flat panel display. Not only does this monitor provide stunning color and razor sharp images, it takes up a third of the desktop space of a traditional CRT monitor.

The SyncMaster 150MP enables you to watch TV and play a movie with your VCR or DVD player, while using your computer without additional video card or equipments. It has RCA Video & Audio, S-Video and Antenna connector built-in to accomodate RGB Analog input, NTSC, S-Video and TV Tuner.

This 17″ multi-function TFT-LCD monitor is truly the 21st century product. It enables you to watch TV and play a movie with your VCR or DVD player, while using your computer without additional video card or equipments.

This 15″ multi-function TFT-LCD monitor defines modern functionality and luxury. With the optional TV tuner, this HDTV ready LCD monitor with picture-in-picture, will enable you to watch a movie while using your VCR or DVD player, or watch TV in digital format, and simultaneously use your computer. The SyncMaster 171B has the features of a real quality monitor with higher brightness and a wide viewing angle from PVA technology.

Combine all this with portrait/landscape viewing and 1280 x 1024 active native resolution, making it flicker-free, and you have a truly great monitor. When you want all the space-saving benefits of a 17 inch LCD, you want the SyncMaster 171S with it’s elegant space-saving design and built-in power brick. This monitor is touch-installable and flicker-free with a native resolution of 1280 x 1024. The SyncMaster 800TFT takes the advantage of Samsung’s exclusive “Wide Viewing Angle Technology” (160 degree of conic view) that lets people see crisp and vibrant images from virtually any direction.

SyncMaster 150Mb is able to accommodate RGB Analog input, CVBS and S-Video. This monitor utilizes Samsung’s own brilliant TFT-LCD screen with a 0.297mm dot pitch and a 140° viewing angle.

SyncMaster 170Mb has RCA Video & Audio to accommodate RGB Analog input, CVBS and S-Video. This monitor utilizes Samsung’s own brilliant TFT-LCD screen with a fine 0.264mm dot pitch and an extra wide 160° viewing angle.

The SyncMaster 770TFT high-end flat panel monitor from Samsung, allows you to see the difference between ideas that look average, and ones that are brilliant. The 770TFT delivers a 1280 x 1024 resolution, giving you color clarity and crisp, razor-sharp images. Its advanced image scaling offers an auto adjust feature and a full array of advanced user controls.

Samsung’s SyncMaster 760vTFT is one of the most affordable 17 inch display solution for business and home users who want all the space-saving benefits of a flat panel display. With this monitor, you will get brilliant colors and razor sharp images. Value, quality and performance in one monitor. The SyncMaster 171MP is a 17″ multi-function monitor. When you want a monitor with cutting edge technology and next generation TV with high definition images, (with optional TV tuner), look no further. With RCA video and audio, S-Video, Antenna and a wide viewing angle, this is truly the answer to your dreams. Find the latest list of VESA arms compatible manufacturers in the United States.

Pixel Perfect wide screen plasma graphics card

Widescreen graphics cards allow you to make the most of your widescreen area by displaying computer images that are not stretched. This gives you exact control over what is displayed on each pixel of the screen. They also allow you to use the screen in portrait rather than landscape mode.

Pixel Perfect cards are often used as the ideal solution for driving public information systems using wide-screen displays. Examples include train stations, airports and point of purchase sales information and advertising.

Fashionable widescreen

The widescreen format is rapidly gaining ground in the corporate and information display arenas. Stylish plasma display panels and large widescreen LCD monitors lend themselves exceptionally well to the wide-screen format and are themselves becoming increasingly popular in corporate, public information display, security observation and electronic signage environments.

Widescreen explained

Standard CRT computer monitors display images with a width-to-height ratio of 4:3. Widescreen resolution, on the other hand, has a typical ratio of 16:9. See the shape of the pictures at the top of this page. Widescreen plasmas will ‘stretch’ a 4:3 image to fill the screen if widescreen resolutions aren’t available. As this distorts the picture, it isn’t a satisfactory solution. Another alternative is to scale up the picture to fill the screen. There is no distortion but, as large amounts of picture are lost with only the centre remaining on view, this is also a less than perfect option. Pixel Perfect solution

Plasma display panels (PDPs) and large widescreen LCD monitors, driven by PCs containing a Pixel Perfect card, with its specially written drivers, mean that a distortion free, widescreen image is displayed on the screen. PC graphics cards and drivers The Pixel Perfect graphics card allows you to display your material in landscape widescreen and portrait widescreen modes on plasma display panels (PDPs) and large LCD monitors in ‘pixel perfect’ resolutions. The latest Pixel Perfect cards boast 64MB of SDRAM and are available in both PCI and AGP formats for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT4 and XP. The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notice. <

Perfect Portrait However, you may not want to use your widescreen display in landscape format all the time. Many applications, such as advertising and point-of-purchase, are better suited to a portrait format with an aspect ratio of 9:16. For a distortion-free picture, the portrait image needs to be rotated through 90 degrees so it fits correctly onto the active display area when it’s scanned in the standard direction. Pixel Perfect, lets you do this with ease.

Both plasma and CRT displays scan the picture length-wise horizontally. As a result, displaying a portrait image on hardware designed for landscape display is not simply a matter of defining a portrait resolution, such as 480 x 852, and waiting for the display area to fill correctly. A further complication arises as some display panels can only be mounted one way in portrait mode due to the position of their mounting brackets, cooling fans, etc. This means that the driver must be able to rotate the image not just by +90, but by -90 degrees as well.

As you would expect, Pixel Perfect handles this rotation requirement with ease. So whichever way you mount your display panel, you can enjoy a perfect portrait show.

The picture above illustrates representation of a plasma display panel showing scanning orientation. The white circle marks the top left corner of the panel. Scanning direction: left to right, top to bottom. As well as 90 and 270 (-90) degree rotation, the card also allows you to rotate your image by a mid-way 180 degree for applications where there is a need to invert the display.

The picture above shows that each time the physical panel is rotated the image produced by the Pixel Perfect graphics card can be rotated so that it remains in the correct orientation for viewing.

Thanks to Pixel Perfect’s drivers, your display will always be shown in pixel perfect resolution. This is regardless of whether it is the standard 4:3 or 3:4, or widescreen 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios, and regardless, too, of how the panel is mounted.

Completely accurate display

With the entire Windows desktop rotated, it is not just the image which is displayed accurately. Mouse movement, too is made appropriate for the orientation being used and all applications appear and function correctly. Rigorous testing, in conjunction with many of the major PDP manufacturers such as JVC, Pioneer and Fujitsu-General ensures that you can rely on Pixel Perfect for complete stability and intuitive ease of use

Pixel Perfect in action

Below are examples showing Pixel Perfect in action in a variety of applications:

As airport traffic increases, so too, does the importance of clear and effective signage to show flight arrivals, departures and check-in information. Also, with more and more people travelling, airports become a prime location for advertisers keen to take advantage of the 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughput. Widescreen plasma displays and large widescreen LCD monitors driven by Pixel Perfect graphics cards are the ideal medium to meet these requirements. Locations such as London Luton and Hong Kong International Airports were among the first to take advantage of this technology. In the USA, Dallas Fort Worth Airport has over 50 Pixel Perfect cards driving 42” PDPs in its car rental terminal.

Picture below shows a group of 8 Panasonic PDPs show flight arrival information at London Gatwick Airport. Each display has a resolution of 852 x 480 pixels. Passenger information systems on railway networks are using Pixel Perfect cards to drive PDPs with up-to-date and clearly readable information for travellers. PCs installed with Pixel Perfect cards drive remotely mounted PDPs via CAT5 cabling in this main-line railway station.


Photokina, held in Cologne, Germany, is the leading trade exhibition for imaging. JVC Professional Products had an impressive stand at the event showing their latest state-of- the-art display equipment. One of the main features of the stand was an avenue of JVC plasma display panels mounted in portrait mode. Said Ken Kubota, Managing Director of JVC Professional Europe, “Our high-tech equipment was being shown to a very discerning audience and we needed to ensure all displays, without exception, were showing the best possible images. The Pixel Perfect card helped us to achieve this aim because, besides the image rotation facility, it also contains specific JVC drivers developed by Pixel Perfect to optimize our image display quality.”

PDPs and large widescreen LCD monitors, driven by Pixel Perfect cards with widescreen resolution, inform shoppers about the latest offers and savings, quickens buying decisions and keeps customers in store longer.

Stunning quality displays are easily achieved with Pixel Perfect cards driving the latest generation of widescreen in either landscape or portrait modes.

Plasma screens with Pixel Perfect in cinemas

Plasma screens in entrance to the Hoyts multiscreen cinema complex at Bluewater shopping centre.

The Pixel Perfect cards are present and future insured, as they are compatible with current analogue display technology (VGA) and the flourishing new DVI (digital vision interface) standard. Leading manufacturers of PDPs, Fujitsu-General, NEC and Pioneer have endorsed the cards as being unique in their ability to match and optimise the DVI technological developments that have been made in their plasma hardware.

By using DVI the display data remains in the digital domain from the PC right through to the PDP’s display surface. No digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversions take place so maintaining true display quality and colour purity, reducing noise to a minimum and eliminating distracting artefacts. Imagine Graphics works with many of the leading PDP manufacturers who have given so much help and encouragement in developing the DVI device drivers for the new Pixel Perfect cards. Drivers have been optimised for each make and model of new PDP – the display quality on each is truly stunning. Pixel-perfect images every time!

Privacy-Online • Tension Mounts on South Africa’s Cybersecurity Law

On the 8th February 2016 Bloomberg BNA published an article entitled “Tension Mounts on South Africa’s Cybersecurity Law”. The article presents a good summary of both domestic and the international views on the proposed legislation and government’s role in terms of the National Cybersecurity Policy Framework. It also highlights a number of concerns contained in the public comment provided to the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.To summarise, it indicates that there needs to be clarity relating to government’s authority, roles, responsibilities and goals and that these should be balanced against public interest infringing on constitutional rights.

It emphasises that the provisions of the proposed law are “vague and far-reaching” and broad definitions could unintentionally criminalise perfectly legitimate acts.In dealing with the powers of State it indicates that until people understand how their information may be abused business and others will remain uninterested and uninformed.

The Bill, in providing for overbroad powers similar to the Protection of State Information Bill, is also commented upon in conjunction with the protections which should be afforded to citizens of South Africa in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, which remains unimplemented. A commentator is quoted as saying “There is little doubt that cybercrime and data privacy breaches will continue to rise exponentially, unchecked and unabated” until we establish appropriate law and create the capacity and competence to both administer the law properly and guard against cyber-attacks.It is not helpful when senior spokesmen for the State, including the Minister of State Security, make statements claiming that government is “secure”. This is simply not true as has been evidenced by the hacks by “Anonymous” on government information infrastructure.

This merely puts a target on the back of South Africa and South Africans and the well-publicised success of Anonymous’ intrusions into government infrastructure will make South Africa an attractive target for organised crime which will have more nefarious intent than “Anonymous”.Further comment is made that “From an online perspective the government seems to have demonstrated an ignorance to the online space and how it is to be managed”. The commentator indicates that this is a risk for doing business in South Africa.

From my experience this has proved to be true and that over the past number of years there have been 3 different occasions where I have been requested to advise potential investors in South Africa on privacy laws. In each of these instances the failure to have operative privacy laws has dissuaded the investors, one investor in particular of global renown, from investing in South Africa.Appropriate regulation to address cybersecurity and combat cybercrime in South Africa has been championed by me for at least 15 years.

However, as the article aptly demonstrates, while “getting it right” would be hugely beneficial to South African society and its economy, “getting it wrong” will be disastrous. It is essential that we avoid another example of legislation being developed to support political rhetoric that is ill-conceived, impractical and in some instances unconstitutional.To read the full article published in Bloomberg BNA follow this link: Link to Bloomberg BNA article Over the past couple of weeks I have become aware that the Deputy Minister of Justice has been proactive in taking steps to take account of public comment and to ensure that the Bill is amended to address the criticisms that have been levelled against it at this time. The Deputy Minister’s efforts are refreshing in that they indicate a willingness to listen to and take seriously the comment that has been provided. While it may be necessary to redraft specific sections of the Bill, it is also critical to understand that cybersecurity is not a government issue.

Cybersecurity, if it is to be effective, must be a broad-based approach in which the private sector will play a considerable role. The failure of policy makers and drafters to properly consult the private sector and civil society to date is a fatal flaw in the Bill as it stands. Allied to this is the necessity to establish appropriate public/private sector partnerships. Again one of the fundamental criticisms of the Bill is that it fails to do this. It will also be important that the private sector accepts its responsibility and is prepared to engage and cooperate with government in devoting time and energy to cybersecurity.Finally, privacy is recognised globally in democratic countries as a non-negotiable balance between the practices of big business (which are in many instances unscrupulous) and the excesses of government.

Against this background the failure to properly implement the Protection of Personal Information Act and appoint the Information Regulator, which is central to its working and efficacy, constitutes a barrier to the promulgation of appropriate legislation governing cybersecurity. In view of the fact that the State President indicated in the state of the nation address that this legislation would be placed before Parliament in the first half of 2016, an enormous amount of work is required on the part of government and others if this is to be achieved. One hopes that the political will and the provision of the wherewithal to ensure that government starts to fulfil its duty to protect South African citizens can eventually begin to be discharged.©Mark Heyink 2016

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With the influx of flat panel computer monitors arriving on the market there are now plenty of cheap LCD monitors available. They are priced so low that CRT monitors are no longer an option to consider for new PC owners.

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When LCD computer monitors first arrived on the market they were far more attractive than traditional CRT monitors, but the price was significantly higher. However, with ever-improving technology and the release of more models, the prices have reduced by more than 50 percent over the past 5 years. Even cheap LCD monitors are ultra-slim, stylish, and provide high-quality full color displays.

One thing you should be aware of before purchasing is the size of computer monitors. CRT and LCD computer monitors are measured differently, so a 17-inch LCD display is more like a 19-inch CRT display for example. Before purchasing an LCD monitor you should also check for dead pixels. These are bright or dark dots that appear on the screen. In fact if you do not mind a dead pixel or two then you may be able to buy a discount LCD monitor, as some suppliers will still sell them at a drop-down price.

Some technology experts even suggest that producing widescreen LCD monitors is cheaper for manufacturers to produce. For this reason you may be find some really stylish widescreen computer monitors for around the same price as a regular, slightly smaller flat panel.

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The LCD monitor market is exploding with growth expected to carry on growing over the coming years. The reasons are obvious to anyone that has an LCD computer monitor – stylish designs, great images and color range, and very slim. CRT monitors are a thing of the past and are rapidly being abandoned for LCD computer monitors.

When comparing LCD monitors pay attention to dot pitch, resolution, and refresh rate. The dot pitch is the distance between pixels on the screen, the resolution is the number of pixels in a certain area of the screen, and refresh rate is how quickly the screen image is refreshed.

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Maybe pressure is keeping you from experiencing happy. When pressure occur in our mind, furthermore, it has damaging impacts on our physical health. Once we need to operate to our goals calmly and methodically by using a crystal clear mind, we have to take away the anxiety within our heads. Plan a time during your day time to become by itself, chill out, and crystal clear your brain of all things. Having this time every single day can make you much more peaceful and satisfied with yourselfor with 2014 Horoscope.

Get together with others that share your perspective. Around yourself with unfavorable folks will have a inadequate affect on your frame of mind and can rub off on the road of contemplating.

See what is incorporated in the way between success and you. This has proved to be a hurdle for a large number of men and women. Determining and acknowledging your weakest things is a vital aspect in transforming them. If you are able to beat some hurdles, you can find a clearer snapshot of the your future contains2014 Horoscopes.

Make an effort to get the most out of your projects time to obtain more accomplished. Take smashes frequently to be dedicated to what you should work towards. This may appear wrong, however more and more breaks give you a possiblity to unwind and refresh on your own when you come back the task accessible, you will be a lot more focused and get numerous things achieved.

Identifying your own personal values will be the stepping stone to identifying your own improvement plan which fits your life-style. It wouldn’t make sense to build up a characteristic that had been contrary to your identiity. Once your attempts are focused entirely on advancement which is aligned with the core values, your time and efforts is going to be rewarded. Think about every single transform a lasting enhancement for your life-style.

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If you find that you might be continually having trouble meeting your goals, have a take a step back to gauge what’s going on. Check around on the web and attempt to get other folks which may have experienced similar objectives to see the way that they assess. Perhaps you are underestimating the trouble, or you are underestimating your self.

This article needs to have displayed you that developing to your greatest self isn’t one thing that can be done right away. In the event you utilize constant commitment, you should be recognized by finding positive variations in your self. Follow these tips to make getting started a lttle bit less difficult.

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